Welcome to my Neocities website! One day, I'll make this an actual website. But for now, I'll use it to dump some images I unearthed from the past.

In 2005, I backed up my files from my laptop onto a burned CD. I found this CD while cleaning recently, and took a peek inside. It contained files from 2001-2005 from my very first personal computer. Of course, my MS Paint Art was on there, but the interesting thing I found was some pixel art I saved from the internet. I'm all for preservation of digital assets from long ago, so I'm uploading them for everyone to see.

I did not rename any of these files. You may notice many file names are Japanese names. I will refrain from commenting on anything I remember because one, I was a smol child at the time and had limited knowledge, and two, I want to avoid misremembering and misinforming.

I do not know the original authors of these images. If you know, please contact me at flareboostart [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will credit appropriately. You may use these for personal use and do not need to link back here.

Pikachu Pixel Art

December 23, 2001

Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

April 29, 2002

Pokemon Trainers

February 21, 2003

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